BB10 App Updates. Grab Them Now!!

Salutations! Three apps for BlackBerry 10 recently recieved updates. Two of the 3 apps that are by NemOry Studios,  Face10 for Facebook and Inst10 for Instagram, are both listed as having “Minor Improvements and Bug Fixes.” There is also a note left by NemOry Studios stating:

Please be patient for major updates to all of my apps starting July/August. Thank you very much!” 

There was no mention of what these major updates will bring, but I am looking forward to them.

The third app that has been updated is SuperTube for YouTube, by Marco Bavangnoli and it’s listed to have a bug fixes.

For those of us that are using a BB10 device, head on over to BlackBerry World and fire up those updates! It’s great to see that there are still Developers for BB10 that are working to keep there apps on the platform updated to provide a great user experience.

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