BB10 and the ability to run Android Apps

When BlackBerry gave its users the ability to run Android apps it opened a whole new opportunity for the nay-sayers to say nay. I will try to simplify this. Running apps in a sandbox (isolated from the OS) does NOT mean that BlackBerry is converting to Android, far from it actually. BlackBerry in creating and advancing BB10 has given the user the ability to RUN APPS developed for another os…kinda like being able to use antiquated cassette tapes in your mp3 player. These apps are still isolated (sandboxed) from the os, so no need to worry about the insecurity of the Android ecosystem. This of course has put fear into the hearts of the diehard  Droid fans for now a far superior os has access to their beloved apps. and no this is not theft like some would have you believe, but that is another story.


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