Battery Life BB10, IOS 7,8, Android flavour of the day


When searching for a mobile device battery life is one of the more popular topics for several reasons; people understand it, its vital to how practical your device is, lets you get on the plane….or not.

BlackBerry 10 has been optimised for battery performance, getting over 2 days on the Z30 and pretty close to that on the Q10 and Q5, the Z10 is usually good for a work day…. which is better than an iPhone and many Android devices (the Z10 has a tiny battery). The average user is lucky to get through an eight hour shift at work with an iPhone5…. and that’s pushing it.  The iPhone issue with battery is well known. For the Androids, just have a look at this article in about how good they fare.

Smartphones best battery life

Hmmm  seems like getting a bit more than half a day is considered good by the robots.

Lets see it takes a good 24 hrs to travel from Vancouver B.C to any point in Europe, or say from there to California….are you taking your phone ? Maybe not. Can’t travel to the US with a dead phone. If you think your going to charge your non-BlackBerry  enroute, that may not happen either. There are a limited number of outlets and lots of sheeple, oops I mean people.


Now the people at Apple have been raving about how ios 8 will have much better battery life than ios 7 did. What did they change? Not too sure, they won’t say…. not really anyway. But in this article from we can see that they likely didn’t change much.

iOS 8 vs iOS 7 iPhone changes

Actually all they did was give you a bit more control over your phone and see what is using your power. What I get from looking into ios 8 is that you can save power by turning things off, I mean really -why would you need to make and take calls anyway.

Here’s a great article in on how to conserve battery life on your ios or android device…. no such information necessary for BlackBerry we just charge when its convenient for us a couple days down the road.

How to extend iPhone and Android battery life



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