Banks Around the World Infected with Invisible Malware

Researchers have discovered a hard to detect malware has infected banks in over 40 countries.

Security researchers from Kaspersky Labs have discovered a hard to detect malware has infected at least 140 banks located in over 40 countries. Kaspersky has a very special knowledge of this malware as this type of infection is what they found had been hidden away on their own network for over six months a few years ago.

This malware has been dubbed Duqu 2.0 and is a very sophisticated computer worm. Duqu 2.0 utilizes legitimate system admin and security tools to inject malware into computer memory. It then hides it’s own logs within the Windows registry, and goes about collecting passwords of system administrators for the remote administration of these host machines.

This infection is so widespread, that it makes it difficult to determine who is behind it. Is it a single large scale attacker? Or a group of attackers spread across the globe? No one knows as of yet. What is known, is some of the places where the attacks are taking place. Kaspersky will not release the names of the institutions being affected, although they did state that the most affected countries are the U.S., France, Ecuador, Kenya, and the U.K.

A malware attack of this magnitude is just further proof of how important cybersecurity is to our daily lives.




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  • John Jones

    This should be a huge warning to enterprise and consumers. Hackers are becoming more sophisticated than the security enterprises are using. This is where BlackBerry will in Protecting enterprises and by extension consumers. Blackberry Uem is exactly what the Dr ordered for these companies.

    • It should be, unfortunately, there’s been far too many hacks that ‘should have been’

  • anthogag

    “Invisible malware”…a.k.a…Google Services