If You Use a Banking App You Could Be at Risk

Here is something I don’t use, my Bank’s mobile banking app. Checkpoint Founder, Gil Shwid, said that 80% of mobile banking apps are not prepared for the current Cyber attacks.

In summit of the Israeli bank, Gil discussed about cyber threats that we have to prepared for in these days. The banking mobile apps are the ones most of us trust because we think that our bank will keep our data secure. 20% of banking apps put most of us at a big risk.

Checkpoint’s founder also mentioned the use of lantern apps, and said that if you downloaded an app like that, your device is under attack and the moment you open the app, you actually turn on the malware that gives the ability to spy on your device. 50% of those apps are malware apps.

When you download a free app, always be sure that you know the developer. Because free apps are meant to be free, and lot of them contain malware.


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Roy Shpitalnik

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