More Bad News for Verizon Wireless Users

Verizon Wireless user’s will see an increased cost and a new limit.

Tech Times is reporting some news which may be upsetting to Verizon users.

First up is a cost increase. The increase is in the upgrade fee which Verizon tacks on to users whenever they purchase a new phone. Previously set at $20, the fee has inexplicably seen an increase to $30. What new benefit can Verizon users expect from this additional charge? Why, none of course.

Second on the table is a new limit for unlimited users. We know of many users which have chosen to stay with Verizon due to their grandfathered unlimited data plans. Now that unlimited plan has a limit. That limit is at a very generous 200 GB, and I doubt many will be affected by it. However, should a user find themselves crossing that threshold, they shall soon find themselves moved off of their grandfathered plan and on to a current tiered data plan.

BlackBerry users on Verizon have had a rough time recently. The newest BlackBerry phones have not been available on Verizon. Additionally, due to Verizon utilizing a CDMA network, users have been unable to purchase unlocked phones to use on the Verizon network. The current rumor is that the upcoming BlackBerry device will be available on Verizon, however, for now, that is still merely a rumor.

Verizon users, if the new BlackBerry is not available on Verizon, coupled with the upgrade cost increase and a new limit on unlimited plans, will this be enough to force you off of Verizon?


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