Backdated: The Passport goes through Malaysia’s SIRIM database

This is a backdated post.

Original post by Soyacincau of Malaysia in his original post here .


As he had noted, in this picture,

The Online Certification that displays the Windemere / Passport

Its nearly a week after the approval date, and it was technically approved later than the registry in Singapore that we also covered via the link to on their coverage of Passport making through its paces via Singapore’s registry here.

An extract from the original article:

Come September 24, BlackBerry will lift the covers of what is likely to be the Passport, The Passport marks a different approach for BlackBerry in its pursuit to strike a balance between having a physical QWERTY keyboard for its die-hard fans and a large touchscreen display to entice new users to jump on board the BB bandwagon. The device is also spotted on the SIRIM database which means it’s coming to Malaysia very soon.

One step closer for more launches in APAC sector for BlackBerry!