Axiom Telecom Opens Pre-Order for Gold Plated BlackBerry KEYone

You know it’s a winner when there’s a gold edition.

The most talked about news to come out of the world of BlackBerry for the last week once the introduction of the all black Special Edition BlackBerry KEYone coming from BlackBerry Mobile India. The new phone brings all the greatness of the current TCL produced product, with a few improved specs and an extremely nice all black finish.

Now some are wondering what they would prefer, the KEYone in the original design? Or the all black Special Edition? Now there’s another version being thrown out there. This time, it’s a gold plated edition.

This gold edition is an aftermarket finish being presented by Axiom Telecom out of the UAE. This is the original 32GB TCL produced BlackBerry KEYone, with the frame, top, and camera surrounds plated in gold. The device is now available foor pre-order with an expected shipping date of August 20th for a cost of AED 2,999 (roughly $816 USD)

You can find the pre-order page here.

With three finishes, which would you choose?

Gold plated


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