Avengers: ENDGAME Trailer Crash Landed Today

Avengers Final Movie – End Game

Avengers: ENDGAME is accumulation of Marvel Studios movies starting with the first Iron Man. And they sure know how to market their movies and the trailer alone has heft to it indeed. I watched the sequel to Avengers Infinity War, 10 times this morning as soon as it dropped. How many times did you watch it?

Tony Stark Is Adrift In Space

Tony Stark is barely hanging onto life on the Milano as he leaves a message for Pepper thru his helmet. Later in the trailer it looks like Nebula is on the same ship, but is she there or somewhere else?

Thanos Is Still Wearing The Gauntlet

Next we see Thanos walking thru his farm, with the Infinity Gauntlet still on. Remember the Gauntlet looked heavily damaged after the Snappening, so maybe it’s fused to his hand. And we get an easter egg from the comic books with Thanos’ armor set as a scarecrow.

Avenger’s HQ Looks Grim

Bruce Banner is mentally broken, looking thru images of those they’ve lost. Which is interesting because Peter Parker is one of the images along with Scott Lang. Suri is also in the images so that answers the question we didn’t know from Infinity War.

Thanos’ Kept His Promise

We learn from the narration from Black Widow, half of everyone is gone just like Thanos promised.  Capt. America says “We lost friends, we lost family, we lost part of ourselves.” We also see a forlorn Thor.

Hawkeye Is Now Ronin

A man that has lost his family, is on the warpath and doesn’t look like he will ever be happy again as Black Widow looks on.  In the comics, Ronin was like a Russian Capt. America married to Black Widow.  So will this be part of the backstory in the movie?

Capt America And The Gang Have A Plan

Black Widow says “This is gonna work” whatever the plan is, it sounds like it’s the only thing keeping Cap alive.

Scott Lang Is Back From The Quantum Realm

He is at the Avenger’s HQ gate asking to be let in. How did he find his way back? He was stuck there as Hope, Janet and Hank dissolved from the Snappening. So Scott must be the key to the, oh come on, The End Game.

The Verdict On The Trailer

I can usually tell if a movie is good just by watching the trailers. This looks like it’s going to be one of those movies you will want to go watch at least twice if not more.