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CYBER MONDAY  Wednesday follows:

Hello Entertainment Lovers!!! Bumblebee Computing, Do you people remember it? If not, we had previously discussed about one of their apps, StoryTeller Audiobook Player  last week which was under a promotional offer.  Well today we are going to learn about another one of their apps, AutoPlay Media Player which is a native BlackBerry OS10 app.

AutoPlay 1

AutoPlay Media Player has ability to play videos continuously without delay. With the help if this app, one can connect their device to a HD TV and start this app and play videos one after another without any manual work.

This app comes with great features like bookmarking and auto-resume. This means when you want to watch from where left the video without fast forwarding, it will start from the point where the video had previously been  stopped. AutoPlay Media Player also supports all video formats supported by native BlackBerry 10 video player app and yes, even 1080P videos.

AutoPlay 2

Auto-sorting: This is an another interesting feature which makes users arrange related videos in a series. It also has single tap to toggle full-screen, swipe left for next videos,  swipe right for previous videos. It also has play modes: shuffle, repeat single and continuous modes. One can create a new playlist by making a sub-folder in videos directory. The video plays continuously when app is back-ground.

AutoPlay 3

Now you may not be convinced with these features as some are common with the Native Media Player but this app has one special feature included…it also displays subtitles. This is very important for some users and with this app you can now add .srt files for playing subtitles. All you need to do is get the .srt file and move it into your video folder and that’s it, the subtitles starts playing.  This app also has features like sharing videos using email, delete video from app and sleep-timer.

At our request, Bumblebee Computing has this promotional offer exclusively for

If the users have any issues with the app they can visit our forums for this app thread and ask for help.

Grab your copy of promo code for this app: AUTOPLAYPROMO
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  • Robert

    I grabbed a copy of this app and will be providing feedback. My wife doesn’t understand much English and needs subtitles. Now I can stream my movie collection for us BOTH to enjoy. If all works as it should, I will definitely recommend this to others.

  • razrrob

    Not only is the app awesome all this ‘Dev love’ is incredible- keep it coming!