Aussie BBM Mates Gift KEYone On UTB Blogcast.

As we all know, being a BlackBerry user definitely has it’s advantages. And for me, being a BBM user has had enormous advantages. I joined an Aussie BBM group about 2 years ago and the guys in this group have quickly become very close mates.

We are all huge BlackBerry fans from all over Australia and it was this love for BlackBerry that brought the group together. What started out as general BlackBerry chat soon became a place to talk about life in general. We chat every day about anything and everything. We laugh at each other, annoy the heck out of each other, share our good news and bad news, and generally have a great time doing it.

We have had several group meet ups now where we organise a night out for dinner, drinking and having a great time. We help each other out where required, paying air fares, accommodation whatever it takes to get the most of us attending as possible. Our nights out have been fantastic fun and we have another one organised for October in Sydney.

Aussie mates
      Aussie BBM Group Night Feb 2016

When the new KEYone was released, several of the guys ordered the device from Clove in the UK. On a daily basis they were raving how good the KEYone was. Me being one to always try to get the latest and greatest BlackBerry handset, I knew this was one that I had to try.

However, with bills piling up and other unexpected expenses arising, I had to put the KEYone purchase on hold for a while. But then, something totally unexpected happened.

During this week’s UTB Blogcast, there was a knock at the door. It was one of the Aussie group guys, MJ. We have become good mates and try to catch up for a beer whenever we can. He had driven down from the coast, about 150km away. He came in and sat down, and I grabbed a couple of cold beers from the fridge. He then handed me a letter, it was from all the guys in the group.

I started reading the letter and couldn’t believe what I was reading. As a sign of great mateship, they had all thrown in to buy me a new KEYone. To say I was stunned would be a massive understatement.

MJ then reached into a bag and pulled out the KEYone. I began to open it up live on the blogcast. My hands were shaking with excitement as there’s nothing like getting your hands on a shiny new BlackBerry. The KEYone is a beautifully designed phone, everything I expected it to be and even more.

The UTB Blogcast crew were in amazement at what had just happened. It took everyone of us by surprise. The organisation of the guys in the Aussie group was astonishing to get this happening live on the blogcast without any of the UTB crew knowing.

To all my mates in the Aussie group, the KEYone is an amazing gift. I absolutely love it. But what means more to me is our friendship. It’s the Australian way, always going above and beyond to do things for others.

The effort you all put in to make this happen was astounding and is something that I’ll never forget. A special shout out to Ian for getting the ball rolling, and to MJ for driving 150km to personally deliver it (that’s insane!!!).

To the rest of the guys who contributed and worked behind the scene to ensure I didn’t miss the blogcast for the special presentation, a very big thank you from all of us at UTB. It made for an extra special blogcast. 

You guys are awesome, true mates!!!

Stay tuned for future articles regarding my thoughts and experiences with the KEYone. And in case you missed the presentation, you can view it on the blogcast HERE.

BlackBerry and BBM – Bringing people together!