Aukey USB Type-C adapters For DTEK60

We all have choices. When I got the new BlackBerry DTEK60 I wasn’t necessarily prepared for the fact that it uses a new USB form factor instead of the standard/ubiquitous USB micro that we’ve pretty much become accustomed to.

The choices are new cables, or try some adapters.


As you can see, I opted for USB micro to USB type-C adapters. I realize that we are in a transitional phase. Newer phones such as the Moto Z and DTEK60 employ the new standard, but we all have numerous devices that have USB micro.

Like I said, we have choices. I could have purchased additional USB type-C cables to replace the USB micro cables I have in my home, car, and work. Somehow that didn’t sit right with me. What was to happen with all the cables I’ve accumulated? Hmmm…

I have USB micro in 4 locations. Home, office, car, and portable battery. I NEVER want to be without access to power.


These Aukey adapters let me be very versatile. I can use any USB micro cable to charge or get data from any device. My car can charge both my Moto Buds Bluetooth earphones, or in a split second can be charging my DTEK60.


Maybe it “seems” like a dongle to some, but to me it’s just an extension to an existing cable.

Now I get to use any cable anywhere, even those charging stations in pubs and airports.

I now have one on my TPLink 10,000mah portable battery, one on my car charger, and one at work. I use the cable that came with the phone mostly at home.

I do not have any affiliation with this product or company. I just found them on Amazon.

What do you think? Cables or adapters?

Dave out.



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