Auburn School Swaps iPads (toys) for Laptops

According to Lewiston-Auburn Sun Journal, the school board’s iPads are being replaced by laptops due to lack of function and the focus of gaming with the iPads.

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The overall viewpoint is that laptops, in this case MacBooks, are more functional for the learning and development of their students. This decision is a win for the overall development of students and shows that iPads are not an effective learning tool. Apple also had to severely reduce their prices to compete with Chromebooks which offer the same options with much smaller price tag.

Here are some of the quotes that staff and students commented on with the use of iPads.

One teacher wrote in the survey that iPads “provide no educational function in the classroom. Students use them as toys. Word processing is near to impossible … I applaud this change.”

“The iPads are largely students’ gaming devices,” another teacher wrote, while one called their introduction into the classroom “a disaster”.

“WE NEED LAPTOPS!!!” one student said, three times. “IPads are easier to play games on and get addicted to,” another said.

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