Attention Toronto BlackBerry Cyclists!

Toronto’s New Cycling App!  Available to Non-BlackBerry Users Only Unfortunately.

Today in Toronto it’s “Bike To Work Day” and in celebration last Tuesday (May 20) the City of Toronto released a new app for cyclists in the Greater Toronto Area – Toronto Cycling – an initiative to “enable cyclists to contribute to the future of cycling infrastructure in Toronto”. 

LINK: City of Toronto Cycling App

The app will “allow cyclists to record their cycling routes and provide this data to the City.  The data will be part of the toolkit used to help inform the City’s data collection and analysis when developing new cycling network plans. Toronto is beginning work on a new Cycling Plan that will expand on the City’s existing 570 kilometre cycling network.  This new Cycling Plan will be presented to Toronto City Council in 2015.”

Wow, that sounds fantastic. Two of my closest friends are avid cyclists in the GTA, I can’t wait to let them know about this new initiative so they can download it on their BlackBerry Z10s and help the city plan future cycling routes with greater precision!

Oh.  It’s only available on Android and iOS.  Well, that’s certainly a bit of a letdown.  My friends are homeowners in the greater GTA and pay their share of municipal taxes.  Taxes that likely went into the funding of this app for Android and iOS…

Wait, I just looked at the FAQ and it says “Blackberries which are able to host android apps may use this software.”  Hooray!  It’s not a native BlackBerry 10 app, but at least we’ll be able to access it through BlackBerry’s Android Runtime and contribute!

Hmmm.  I downloaded and installed the app and when I click “Maps” in the application it tells me “This app won’t run without Google Play Services, which are missing from your phone.”  Okay, so I tap on “Get Google Play Services” and…

Unfortunately, Toronto Cycling has stopped”.

Bummer.  Guess it isn’t available to “BlackBerries” after all.  Shame.

But all is not lost. You can provide feedback to the developer and the City of Toronto regarding this great new initiative to improve city gridlock and traffic safety overall.  Please let them know that their app does not work on BlackBerry, and – if you’re an avid BlackBerry toting cyclist in Toronto – that you really wish it would.

City of Toronto
Sibel Sarper
Assistant Planner
Cycling Infrastructure and Programs
Tel: 416-392-4732
TWITTER: @TorontoComms

Toronto Cycling App Developer
Brisk Synergies

Open Streets Toronto (Volunteer Pro-Cycling Initiative)
TWITTER: @OpenStreetsTO


NOTE:  If you’re going to contact the City of Toronto and/or the developers, please be kind and courteous.  Let’s not give them a bad impression of BlackBerry users!