Attention 10.3.2 Beta Testers!


Today, members of the BlackBerry community lucky enough to be testing the next iteration of the BlackBerry 10 operating system received an email regarding upcoming changes to the way BBID works.

The email states that for users whose devices are associated with a specific BlackBerry ID, BlackBerry Protect will now mean that those devices cannot be set up by anyone else – even if the device is wiped! After a device wipe, BlackBerry devices running 10.3.2 will prompt you to sign in with the BBID that was previously associated with that device.

This means that after a device wipe, if you cannot remember your BBID password, you will NOT be able to set up the device and it will become unusable.

If you are part of the 10.3.2 Beta test, please ensure that either you know your BBID username (an email) and password, and that you have confirmed your BBID email address.

To check if your BBID email is confirmed, swipe down from the Home Screen and access Settings > BlackBerry ID. You should see “Email confirmed” on this screen. If not, tap on the “Confirm Email” button and you will be sent an email containing a link for you to click and confirm the address.

If for some reason you cannot remember your BBID email and/or password, the advice is to wipe your device immediately and set up a new BBID email and password, otherwise your device will be unusable.

So if you’re testing 10.3.2, make any changes


Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

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