AT&T To Launch New DirecTV Mobile Streaming Services


When AT&T acquired DirecTV, I was afraid. I was very afraid. I’m a customer of both companies, and my experience with each has been very different. As a BlackBerry user, I am used to being treated as a second class citizen at AT&T, and typically will do whatever I can to not have to deal with them. DirecTV has always been more than helpful and friendly. To me it was not a marriage made in heaven. Things have been looking up though.

Recently, AT&T came out with a special deal for customers that have both AT&T and DirecTV. Unlimited data. Yes, there is a throttle point, but that point is at 22GB on the individual phone. I have 4 phones on my plan, and each phone can use 22GB of high speed data per month. I of course thought this was too good to be true. Instantly I thought there had to be some sort of bundle deal, something I would need to add to my account, something hidden that I didn’t know about. I called AT&T, told them I wanted the plan, within minutes that had my plan changed over, and on my side, nothing changed. They offered to combine my bill, but it was my choice and would make no difference. I chose not to, and I now have more data than I’ll use on each phone. Great deal for those customers that have both.

Now, AT&T is announcing new streaming DirecTV plans. Now, people will be able to enjoy DirecTV on their phones, tablets, or computers, without needing a satellite dish. There will be three plans offered;


The company plans to offer a range of content packages, including much of what is available from DIRECTV today — on-demand and live programming from many networks, plus premium add-on options. Customers will be able to access the service over a wired or wireless Internet connection and on Internet-enabled devices. Consumers can simply sign-up for the service, download the app and begin watching.


This affordable offer will deliver a mobile-first user experience for people wanting to watch premium video and made-for-digital content directly on a smartphone, regardless of the wireless provider. Consumers can start watching video immediately after the same simple sign-up and app-download process.


This free offer for anyone with a wired or wireless Internet connection will feature some of the quality programming available on DIRECTV today. The tailored ad-supported service will showcase content from AT&T’s AUDIENCE Network, many networks and other content sources, and millennial-focused video from Otter Media, a joint venture of AT&T and The Chernin Group.

The plans will be offered in the fourth quarter of 2016. Pricing information is not yet available, and I wonder how this will work for current satellite customers. Will it be a completely separate plan? Will there be an add on option? We don’t know yet, but if this is AT&T’s plan to take on other streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, they’ll need to make it very attractive to consumers.

Source: AT&T


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