AT&T, the Priv, and the English Language


We’ve all been awaiting with bated breath, the announcements of Priv availability. Earlier today, we shared the AT&T announcement that they would be offering the Priv on November 6th, in line with what we had heard earlier from BlackBerry. This is great news and we’re all glad for AT&T’s support. However, as you can see from the screen shot below, they used the word “Exclusive,” which had many of us a little angry and confused as Chen had indicated before that the Priv would be available on all the major carriers, or something to that effect.

Available “exclusively”…

In fact, in the BBMisphere, there was a little crap storm developing about this exclusive deal and some speculation about how desirable the Priv is to carriers and even the future of BlackBerry being that the Priv would not be available to a huge segment of the US user base.

Never fear, our own UTBBrad quickly contacted Michael Clewley and got an equally quick reply claiming this was not true and referred us to the AT&T announcement page, which stated they were “first” to offer the Priv, not the “only” carrier to offer it.


One word makes a big difference! My take away is threefold: 1) Chen said the Priv will be available on the major carriers so that’s what I should expect; Chen is a man of his word, 2) UTBBrad did a great job of weeding through a little crap storm, and 3) Clewley is very responsive to the fans.

AnyWho- I’m a Verizon user and am still waiting to hear about their intentions regarding the Priv. I am hopeful Chen will be proven to be right yet again and ever hopeful for BlackBerry’s return to profitability and prominence.

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