AT&T Offering Cheaper Pre-Paid Phone Plans

If you’re looking for cheap phone service, you might want to look at AT&T

Here in the US, we all used to buy our phones from our cellular providers. That is slowly changing. American carriers have stopped subsidizing the costs of hardware, instead offering payment plans. Anyone that’s willing to do the math will quickly learn that these payment plans end up being a fair amount more expensive than purchasing the phones outright. Also, we BlackBerry users cannot currently get the newest BlackBerry device from our carriers. Without the draw of subsidized phones, pre-paid plans can begin to look much more attractive.

One of those pre-paid plans is certainly looking more attractive now. AT&T’s Go Phone program now has some nice new rates.

The cheapest of these plans start at $35/month. For this plan, the user gets only 1GB of data, but includes unlimited talk and text in the US, as well as unlimited texting to over 100 specified countries.

The next plan runs $40/month and brings 6GB of data. Adding to the previous plan, this plan brings unlimited talk and text with Mexico and Canada, as well as roaming in Mexico and Canada

The most costly plan brings unlimited data (up to 22GB at which point users will find their data speeds slowed).

Every plan is eligible for a $5 monthly discount if the user signs up for automatic payment. The GoPhone program is rumored to soon be rebranded, but users can enjoy the new rates now.




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