AT&T Has Nearly 100 Lobbyists For A Cheerleading Squad For Merger

AT&T with nearly 100 Lobbyists to use as a  cheerleading squad for merger could have a huge impact on decision to approve the buyout.

With its billions of dollars of capital, AT&T has one of the most formidable lobbying operations in Washington.

The company has nearly 100 registered lobbyists already on retainer in 2016 which includes former members of Congress.

During this this election cycle, its employees and political action committee have sent money to 374 of the House’s 435 members and 85 of the Senate’s 100 members.

AT&T believes the merger will benefit all parties involved and lead to great changes.

“We have seen our fair share of deals,” AT&T’s general counsel, David R. McAtee II, said in an interview. “Our job is informing consumers what a good development this is for them.”

There are many articles available from news agencies, one from the New York Times can be read here.




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