AT&T Finally Updates BB10 to 10.3.3

Well here’s something none of us was planning on.

Yes, we know that BB10.3.3 was released some time ago. We also know that many of us have never received it. Of course, with OS updates coming through the phone carriers, and many phone carriers not seeing the need to support their bill paying BB10 customers, many of us simply give up on seeing official updates from our carriers, instead going the route of autoloaders and blitz files.

Being an American and an AT&T customer, of course I don’t think there’s anyone worse at releasing updates than American carriers. I had completely given up and was just waiting for a day in which I had free time to load the OS on my BB10 phones manually.

Imagine my surprise when people within our own BBM group began to see update notifications. American people. People on AT&T. Yes, I was quite surprised.

It seems that AT&T has finally pushed out BB10.3.3.1463 to their BB10 customers. We have so far received the update on Passports, Classics, and even a report of a Z10 getting it. My Leap, which was originally tied to a Canadian provider, has not received the update yet.

Are you an AT&T BB10 user? Have you received the update on your device? Let us know in the comments below!


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  • Scot Henk

    Brad, I saw it hit last night on my Passport before I went to work. Held off getting it until I could get home. So far, I’m actually glad I did. I don’t have the hub flicker that’s been reported by some, and the crazy aggravating extra letters that would happen when typing disappeared as well.

    Your subtitle hit my sentiments exactly. On AT&T, I wasn’t expecting anything. All hope was gone, my expectations were very, very low. So I was really happy with my expectations being met lol

  • Bigglybobblyboo

    Don’t worry, EE/BT have become even worse over here. Whilst Vodafone and O2 customers got their update some time back there’s nothing… absolutely nothing…

  • CoryAllen78

    I can only dream that the Blackberry Q10 on Sprint receives the 10.3.3 update in the next year or two. It seems like the Q10 is a forgotten device on Sprint.

  • Roy RanaDeep

    You lucky. No update from Vodafone India. I’d emailed Vodafone though. Let’s see.

    • Keep on top of them. So many carriers are dropping the ball.

      • Roy RanaDeep

        I got my update yesterday. I’d an emailed Vodafone India. They assured me to take care of it and after few days got updates. Don’t know it’s a coincident or it’s me…

        • Congrats! You might have been the one to push them in to it!