AT&T Enters the Cyber Security Game with New Acquisition

New player in the hood, AT&T is buying AlienVault.

The new company who’s going to be part of AT&T is known mostly for their abilities to respond to threats. It’s kind of a surprise deal, as AT&T is a communication company who just bought Time Warner.

AlienVault is small company based in California and they built a platform for responding to intelligence threats. They raised around  $120 Million in the venture, and they want to be a public company. With AT&T acquiring them, it will not happen at least not as “on their own company”.

AlienVault’s expertise in threat intelligence will improve our ability to help organizations detect and respond to cybersecurity attacks”

It looks like AT&T customers will soon be offering cyber solutions as as part of their deals, And AT&T looks like they want to become more than just content and phones. AT&T want to prepare to be the next thing in Tech as they realize (for my opinion) that mobile is not their way to make more money.


Roy Shpitalnik

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