AT&T buries the BlackBerry Passport and puts it on lockdown


So the other day I thought I might place a pre-order for the Passport with the only carrier that will be carrying it in the USA. EXCLUSIVELY CARRYING IT.

Thinking I might was apparently expecting far too much. Not listed. Only an iPhone 6 “bendier than bendy” ad.

Ok, so surely I can search to find some info.

I typed in “BlackBerry Passport” and got one result. A Forum thread. A locked forum thread created a few months ago asking if they would carry it, with the “solution” below.


Well this was outdated info and so I thought I would refresh the subject and start a new thread, and found quite a few commmenters thinking as I did:

How does AT&T deserve the privilege of exclusivity on this device if they don’t want to promote it, list it, allow pre-orders or even barely acknowledge that they will be selling it.. someday?



AT&T is the exclusive carrier for this amazing device – it has sold out on Amazon with 5 star reviews. It sold 200,000 units in the first 6 hours of release. Yet not a hint of it on the AT&T website, a search turns up nothing. No ads, no announcements. No way to preorder, no listings, nothing. What gives AT&T, still down on BlackBerry?

I had to buy a Verizon Z30 becasue AT&T would not support it. I get very old BB 10 OS updates from AT&T.

I’m ready to change carriers after 15 years with AT&T since the Cingular days. iPhones bend.

I will wait to see how well you support the BlackBerry Classic, because I WILL change to whichever carrier supports it.

You people still seem to be stuck on the bendy phones.

So what did they do? Moved it to the locked thread for “better exposure”. No more comments from you nutty BlackBerry fans!



Another deeper search turned up that this appeared to be their Mode of Operation. Anyone asks about the Passport, lock it up:


So I started another thread:

Why are you burying and locking threads about the BlackBerry Passport?

You have not answered the question of why you are not promoting or even acknowledging your exclusive sale deal on the BlackBerry Passport. No ads, no news no listing no preorders. Do you deserve exclusivity?

Too many iPhones to unload?

Please do not lock or move this thread until the question is answered.

This will surely be taken care of in the media if you refuse to answer. There are connections you may not be aware of directly to John Chen.


What did they do?

Same thing, no reply just tossed it in jail.

AT&T is not alone, I have been told by Chaplain_Clancy that Optus in Australia has the same attitude toward Blackberry, but at least seem courteous enough to talk about it and allow user comments:

Optus Forum Here

Ray has already told us about Telus attitude about their Exclusive.
Did Telus Truly Deserve the Canadian Exclusive on The BlackBerry Passport?

Where are you John Chen? Is this what you had in mind when you made these deals? We know what you did with John Legere and his pink company.

Do these carriers deserve the gift you have offered them? Or are they still too interested in offloading their inventory of unwanted phones?
Next time perhaps you might think twice.

As carrier customers we are very upset about the attitude and dismissal of our favorite phone brands, and we wish to switch.
Verizon gave BlackBerry a pretty fair shake on the Z30 and other BB10 phones, perhaps they are more worthy of this gift?

And I’m not done posting threads on the AT&T forum, next time with a link to this article.
We deserve an answer, Passport and BlackBerry deserve and answer. We deserve better that being being put in handcuffs and tossed in the forum trash bin and stamped “solved”!

If you agree, you know where to head to attempt to express it. Will you?
Please comment about your feelings about this carrier stiff job.

Below, Right here, and or at the Optus forum or carrier forum of your choice:

ATT BlackBerry Forum

To discuss your mistreatment, you can head to our forum:



I am a long time BlackBerry user and fan. Beginning with the 7520, I have recognized the value of subtle productivity enhancements in BlackBerry devices for business communication and have never since strayed. Even when the iPhone took the market by storm, I was unimpressed, because it did nothing to help my business needs. Currently enjoying my one handed dream phone, the Classic! BB10 with a toolbelt! Today I contribute to UTB whenever I feel that I can help enlighten someone on the benefits of using BlackBerry over any other platform.

  • bartron

    Carriers should not be selling phones. ISPs don’t sell computers, TV service providers don’t sell TVs, and not surprisingly, we don’t get this kind of problem buying TVs or computers.

    Early last year, I sent a message to the CRTC telling them the same thing. I got no reply.

    We need to at least unbundle the sale of phones from the sale of service, as is currently the case with TVs and computers. That would push the carriers to reward customer loyalty with service discounts instead of phone discounts, which would make it more feasible for more independent phone retailers to start selling phones.

    • Canuckvoip

      I like the way you think.

    • Robert

      I agree. This is an excellent idea. The only problem is that the phone manufacturers wouldn’t allow it because certain devices would lose sales if they can’t push them into the users hands.

  • Anthony

    You could start a thread title “My new iPhone is bent about 5 degrees, it looks better…” and then underneath write “…in the garbage. When will AT&T sell the Passport. It doesn’t bend in my pocket.” locco_smiley_32

    • Blackjack

      Hmm… not a bad idea

    • Robert


  • Wayno

    Same with Vodafone Australia! What gives???

    • Chaplain_Clancy

      I hear you about Vodafone Wayno. They only dared to stock the Z10 and then only after Telstra and Optus had already started selling the Q10. I ditched vodafone years ago because it has the worst network coverage. The southern highlands barely received any coverage. I wonder how they are going now that we have 4G. Anyway, there are at least three companies doing grey imports and it has been reported that only Optus business will be stocking the handset. I’m hoping that a consumer customer could take advantage of the stock they will be getting.

  • Tracmila

    That’s just sad.
    BlackBerry seriously needs to address this.

  • Robert

    I have another thread open at the AT&T forum. Please add your comments.

    • Blackjack

      This one was just thrown into the trash for better exposure. Once again without an answer.

  • web99


    You no what, I am not surprised. My guess is that AT & T have it in their unending carrier testing cycle and you know how long that takes. Remember when the Z10 was launched last year? It took them almost 6 weeks to start selling it after they were globally available on other carriers, even though they all received their devices the same time. Then remember the “all important” 10.1 update and the 10.2.1 were released weeks after all the others.

    That is probably why there was not a US launch this time around as the assumption was that the US carriers would drag their feet anyway and release it weeks after all the others.

    My guess is that when AT & T finally gives us an answer, they will say that it is in “testing” with no firm date in sight.

  • Blackjack
  • Blackjack
    • Blackjack