AtHoc Offers Free Webinar on Public Safety Communications


It’s a terrifying situation to be out of reach of people when you desperately need them. It’s even more harrowing when you’re a first responder and that information you need is literally life-or-death.

Last year, President Obama signed the Department of Homeland Security Interoperable Communications Act. This Act was the first step in changing how information is gathered and shared among emergency service personnel and their agencies. Interoperability is the ease with which agencies communicate during incidents. It can be affected by policies and procedures or by equipment in use. The DHS Interoperable Communication Act hopes to bridge that gap to make communications safer, more secure, and more clear for the people working in public safety and the communities they are working to keep safe.

Public safety has always taken a village to maintain. Law enforcement, fire, and EMS work together for the good of the people in their districts. However, over the past decade, public safety has become a more singular activity with people feeling empowered to learn and act in the best interest of their own families. With a near-constant threat of terrorism, natural disaster, or severe weather, families have enabled themselves to know what to do, to make plans, and to learn about the response protocols of their agencies.

Enabling and empowering people to understand such infrastructure is the catalyst for an upcoming AtHoc webinar, Interoperable Communication in the Nation’s Capital Region and Beyond. BlackBerry recently acquired AtHoc, an emergency and crisis communication software suite. This suite allows emergency management, first responders, and peripheral agencies to communicate securely and effectively saving valuable time and possibly preserving the lives of those responding during emergency situations.

During this free webinar, scheduled for January 14 at 1 PM Eastern, AtHoc’s representatives will discuss their plans for implementing this software within the Nation’s capital. They will further discuss the software and its capabilities to increase security and interoperability for response agencies, creating a networked center for crisis communication. In the past 12 months, AtHoc has partnered with Esri, GIS and mapping software, and had major metropolitan areas such as Houston and St. Louis opt for their services. As the company and it’s capabilities grow, this webinar is the perfect opportunity for public safety personnel and concerned citizens to learn  more about its function and purpose in creating a secure network for communication in emergency response.

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Erica Davis

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  • Blackjack

    Another feather in BlackBerry’s cap!

    • E

      Exactly, BJ. We already use a program similar to this at my agency, but I’ll be pushing AtHoc when the time comes to re-up. I know I can trust BlackBerry to be functional and secure.