AtHoc Notifier is Available on BlackBerry 10

I noticed a new app when i opened BlackBerry World. AtHoc Notifier is now ready to use for BlackBerry 10 users. If you are Enterprise user and your company uses AtHoc, you will be able to get AtHoc alerts and keep yourself  safe.

System operators can manage AtHoc on the go with this app, so it’s easy to stay online even if you’re outside the office.

If you’re still unaware, AtHoc is BlackBerry’s crisis communication tool that allows those who use it to alarm and communicate in the moment when other tools just won’t work. We saw the system in action after terror attack in Belgium and other disastrous events.

AtHoc Notifier on BlackBerry World.

AtHoc Notifier

Roy Shpitalnik

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  • FS

    It’s an android app :-/

  • aiharkness

    Note the note at the end of the description on BlackBerry World: The user will need an organization code from the system admin.

    Actually, this is a cool system. The employee or whomever is to be the recipient of alerts can register phone numbers and email addresses online. This is in addition to the employees desk computer and desk phone which would already be added. So this can also include family members as well. When there is an alert it is sent to all the registered phone numbers and email addresses. Pretty nice.

    So, the alert can be transmitted as an automated voice call, text message, or email address, in addition to the pop up on the user’s desktop computer.

    An end user who would be the recipient of the alert would not need the app. Looks to me the app is really for the individual creating and sending the alert to be broadcast.

    I guess my question is why is it only appearing in BlackBerry World now.