AtHoc Empowers Employers to Soothe Privacy Concerns


In our uber-connected world, personal privacy seems an insurmountable task. However, by avoiding social media, using a secure smartphone, and being informed and proactive, the educated user’s privacy can remain relatively secure. AtHoc not only protects that right, but encourages employers to educate and open up discussions about how their software supports that mission.

When an employer incorporates technology that could be viewed as a way to monitor and report on an employee’s location or activity, the savvy employee may take umbrage to that. AtHoc therefore encourages employers to take steps to assuage their concerns through open conversations. By making the discussion about the user’s rights and privacy part of the planning process, before implementation is even begun, agencies can ensure that their informed staff will feel more secure about not only responding when the call comes in, but will also become advocates for utilizing the platform at the start.

AtHoc reiterates that monitoring is not their mission.

The point here is that emergency communications and personnel accountability are not Big Brother.

Their mission is connecting a network for efficient communication in crisis situations. Employers interested in learning more about facilitating the conversation about user’s privacy can check out AtHoc’s site.

Erica Davis

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