AtHoc Cautions and Informs International Travelers


It’s a sad state of affairs when the threat of terrorism is so widespread and common. With the recent attacks in Paris, Turkey, and now Belgium, Europe is on high alert cautioning those that are traveling. AtHoc’s Community Engagement Manager, John Linstrom, has compiled some important information to keep people safe as they move through these sensitive regions.

In an effort to understand the areas that are at risk, Linstrom points out why mass transit is often a target: attackers want to evoke panic and fear by attacking civilians. Furthermore, a large scale operation, like an international airport, makes response and planning for travelers’ safety much more intricate. These buildings are consistently busy and the traffic is expected to be diverse and unknown. That makes hiding in plain sight much simpler, even with the heightened alert and increased security. Linstrom offers advice to be aware of one’s surroundings and cognizant of the heightened emotional responses during this time.

As you make your plans, be cautious of the current social climate in the areas to which you travel. Find out more about what you can do while traveling to be safe on AtHoc’s blog.

Erica Davis

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