At Last! Pebble TimeSteel!



Some months back we did a piece about a smartwatch that actually made sense. It has great battery life (who wants to charge their watch at lunchtime). It looks good and it works with most devices, yes you can even swap out that useless battery hog Apple Watch if you were in an altered state and actually purchased one.

The Pebble will take the place of your fitness band and works with many different fitness apps. So head over to and buy one then let us know what you think.


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  • Anthony

    I looks good. Do you know if it has a sapphire crystal? locco_smiley_11

  • nnik

    I believe it’s gorilla glass

  • Schmurf

    I have a Pebble original I figured I’d experiment with a low cost one first. Like the original Pebble, I like the look of the steel ones better than the plastic ones. That being said, I actually like the original (plastic) quite nicely. I wish I could get my BBM notifications and work notifications on it.

    • nnik

      Maybe try asking in forums, someone may be able to help you out

  • ivantwilliams

    I’m not sure what is about ‘smartwatches’; but, I simply haven’t caught on yet.
    And, I’m a watch man (Tag, Invicta and Movado), I have a few :)

  • I really didn’t need to know about this. Me want.


    ‘Takes a lickin’. Keeps on tickin’
    And smart enough not to pretend to be something it ain’t!!

  • FallingTitan

    looks like an apple watch. time for apple to sue.