At Last! iPhone 6 vs BlackBerry Bold 9700!

Bold 9700

Yes, desperation really does smell this low.

Over at the National Post of Canada they decided to buck the trend, try to make the new Apple abomination look good and give the iPhone 6 a fair crack.of the whip in a face off against another phone.

The good news for Apple is that they thought it was a good idea to match technology by putting it in it’s correct era – it’s proper place, if you will, so rather than pit the iPhone against anything from 2014 they thought it was much fairer to keep it in its own league.

And put it against a phone from 2009.

So, here it is!

The ultimate match up.

iPhone6 vs Bold 9700.

The iPhone 6 can win this one, surely?

I mean, it has to beat SOMETHING???

Robyn Urback Compares The Bold 9700 To A Crappy iPhone


Oh dear.

Leaving aside the snide comments, it’s nice to see that the lady depicted has got 5 good years from her Bold.

But she seems to be a little confused. Let’s take just ONE example.

Someone seems to have given her the impression that she’d get 10 hours of battery life from an iPhone.


I suspect the Bold would win there since, as she says, she can get a day and a half out of it.

Still, nice big screen, thinner body, accosted by Androidians, battery dead half the time.

I’m not surprised she hasn’t switched. This 2014 iPhone can barely scrape past our old friend from 2009.

What’s not to love?

Time to get a grip.

Time to get a new BlackBerry,

Passport, madam?


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