Assault On My Battery… or How To Improve Battery Performance.

A few weeks ago I noticed the battery performance on my Dtek60 to be worsening. Bluetooth was draining the power rapidly, and I rarely made it through a work day without a charge. This caused me quite a bit of concern and made me consider a handset upgrade. I had even gotten to the point of using the convenience key to turn off Bluetooth when not in the car.

Then I remembered something… I hadn’t performed a hard reset in months! Sure I’d done quite a few soft resets after Hub+ updates and such, but I had neglected to go that one step further.

That “One step further”

On a Dtek60, in order to perform the hard reset, you need to power the phone down first. Do this by holding the power key and choosing “Power off” from the menu. The phone will start to power down and will vibrate as it does so.

Next you’ll want to boot the phone up into its Bootloader menu. Do this by holding down the Vol/down key and then pressing the power button until you feel the phone vibrate. Very shortly you’ll see the Bootloader menu screen.

You can ignore the menu choices, we’ll leave those for another blog. At this point just hold the power button down for 10 seconds. When you do this, the screen will turn white and display BSN and IMEI information. Keep the power key pressed until the phone vibrates again and boots to its normal state. That’s it!

I had forgotten that I performed this hard reset whilst the Bluetooth was off. As this seemed to be a large factor in my battery drain I enabled Bluetooth and went through the hard reset again.

As you can see, the reset took place shortly before 9:00pm, and the flat line afterwards shows a telling tale. Since going through this procedure a couple of days ago I can honestly say that my battery performance is back to normal. I used my golf GPS app for 4.5 hours yesterday and was still close to 70% left. Not bad since all other radios were still on as well!

Happily I can leave my Bluetooth and WiFi on all day now without worrying about battery drain, just as it was when I unboxed the Dtek60.

Although some of the screens may look a little different than mine during the procedure, you should be able to use the same steps on any BlackDroid. I tried it on my Priv successfully, and suspect the Dtek50 to be the same, and similar on the KEYone.

Having battery drain problems? You may want to try these steps, it sure helped me!


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