Ask Alex Thurber and BlackBerry India Your Questions about Cybersecurity

Finally, Twitter will be used for something productive.

BlackBerry India will be hosting a “Tweet Chat” with Alex Thurber on August 3rd. The topic will be “Why Cybersecurity is Imperative in 2018”. Here is your chance to ask those questions you have about cybersecurity, and get them answered by BlackBerry’s own SVP and General Manager of Mobility Solutions. Simply use the hashtag #BBSecure.

If you follow Alex on Twitter you will know how excited he’s been about getting to India, and the trouble he’s had getting there. But it looks like everything is now a go for him to be there for some very exciting events with BlackBerry India.

Now that Alex is on the ground in India, I have a question I’d love the answer to. Sadly, it’s not exactly cybersecurity related. But that question would be, what phone is in his hands right now?


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