As Android Makers Follow Apple Design, BlackBerry Takes The Road Less Traveled

“They copied the us!” iPhone users always complain. This has always been a funny complaint to me, as anyone that follows mobile tech knows, Apple copies other’s innovations, and are usually a year or two behind. Regardless of how behind the times they are, and the functionality they’re missing compared to other device manufacturers, the media machine that is Apple manages to consistently sell devices in numbers that no other single phone can match. And this has resulted in something surprising to say the least.

Other manufacturers are starting to truly copy Apple. We’ve watched as the major Android manufacturers have removed SD card slots from their flagship phones, removing the users ability to cheaply upgrade their storage in favor of squeezing more profit from the consumer. We’ve watched the numerous lawsuits between Apple and Samsung as Samsung is accused of copying Apple. Nevermind the fact that Samsung provides Apple with many of the components used in the manufacture of the iPhone. But Samsung is not the only one that is following Apple’s design.

HTC recently announced their newest phone, the curiously named A9. After prior M8 phones, who would HTC choose to go with an A9? Seems an odd choice as one of the most marketed upgrades of the iPhone 6s was the inclusion of it’s new chip, the A9. Of course, once you see the phone, it becomes fairly obvious why they wouldn’t mind the confusion. In fact, you kind of wonder if they’re not hoping for confusion, as the phone looks like nearly identical to the iPhone.


But why only copy the current phone? The iPhone 5 was quite popular wasn’t it? The One Plus X had leaked images revealed, which showed off a glass backed phone that looks remarkably like the iPhone 5.


In a sea of slabs that already all looked very much alike, and are quickly becoming indecipherable from each other, one company is taking the road less traveled. Instead of following the pack, BlackBerry has chose functionality in design. The BlackBerry Classic’s efficient toolbelt, the BlackBerry Passport’s unique ability to work wide, and the upcoming Priv’s ability to function as two phones in one, all armed with the amazing BlackBerry physical keyboard. BlackBerry devices don’t even resemble each other, much less that app launcher called the iPhone. BlackBerry was the company that ushered in the age of smartphones, and will be the company that ushers smartphones out of the age of boredom.



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  • Couldn’t agree more man. If there was some independent body, evaluating devices and OSes, BlackBerry would get high marks for innovation and functionality. Unfortunately all we have are marketing and markets.

    The good news is, the Priv is going to give most of those Android devices a beat down. If Chen can put together a decent and comprehensive marketing campaign, the success of the Priv is as good as done.


      “If Chen can put together a decent and comprehensive marketing campaign . . . . .” there would have been no need for the Priv and the BB10 phones would not be in danger of disappearing.

  • SipoKapumba

    Marketing and price James. I’m worried about the price they will set for the PRIV, if what I have seen on Carphonewarehouse is anything to go by.

  • Yes, Sipo. I have concerns too. I am really hoping it’s not priced too high. Remember, taking an exchange rate calculation is not going to yield the price for another market. There are other forces at play and each market is considered separately. So we don’t know how the Priv will be priced in the US yet.

  • Wayno

    Another great read Brad, thanks. BlackBerry is truly innovative and stands out from the other rubbish.

  • kpbutton

    Well stated Brad. All of the slabs are becoming identical, gotta love BB for keeping out of the race to boredom with design…

  • Tinioesjunior

    Once again #iChooseBB10

    Passport SE on its way!

  • Trev

    Dare to be different.

    It doesn’t get much different than a high-spec’d BlackBerry device running (a more secure version of) Android.