As Alfred E Newman used to say – “What me Worry?”


I actually did a double-take and had to read the article twice – Apple may have some not so stellar news this coming Tuesday when it releases its’ quarterly earnings. Could it be that their revenue will not surpass that of most of the G20 countries? Will the over-hyped iPhone X sales and Apple Watch sales continue to slump? Seriously, most everyone has been wondering how their astronomical growth could continue with the same lineup of iPhones, Macs, iTunes, Apple Watch, and iPads. But worry not, as over the past few years the iPhone has carried the day and provided revenues that allowed for missteps (iOS programming, Apple Watch, iTunes, Beats, iPad sales projections, etc) and extravagant facilities like the iPhone aperture on steroids.



Seriously, years ago they had been a disruptor, but lately their ideas and innovation have been a bit lacking. It could be due to numerous factors, not wanting to take a risk, an over-saturated market, lack of content, a lack of vision at the top, the list goes on and on. Marketing 101 teaches us that once a company takes first place their outlook and perspective changes to more of a defensive stature – fighting off competition and ‘the next big thing’ on numerous fronts can sap the energy and use vital resources (not only money but people) that could be used elsewhere. Look at what happened with BlackBerry – it was almost a textbook case.

The article seems to posit that cloud-based content will be their next big frontier – music, video, etc that they could offer for a monthly fee instead of a per download model. Only time will tell, but whatever happens something tells me that Tim Cook will not be passing around a hat in an attempt to keep the share price up and shareholders happy.


                     Don’t Worry – be happy!


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