Aren’t you glad you have a BlackBerry?

In yet another article that makes me so happy to own and use BlackBerry phones, it has been found that new Android phones are getting to consumers with malware pre-installed! Google, always making things easier for the customer! Now you don’t have to go find malware yourself, now they give it to you right when you purchase your phone!

Jeremy Kirk reports in his article “Pre-Installed Malware found on new Android Phones” that Marble Security has found that there is a fake Netflix app being installed somewhere along the supply chain in new Android phones. So, instead of watching your favorite episode of Star Trek, you may actually be sending your passwords and credit card information to Russia. I knew that Chekhov guy looked shady.

Data wasn't the only one that loved Androids
Data wasn’t the only one that loved Androids

The good news here is that it’s not very popular phones. In fact, it’s phones I doubt anyone has. As the article on Computer World states,

Marble Security found the fake Netflix app on six devices from Samsung Electronics: the GT-N8013 Galaxy Note tablet, the SGH-1727 Galaxy S III phone, the SCH-1605 Galaxy Note 2 phone, the SGH-1337 Galaxy S4 phone, the SGH-1747 Galaxy S III phone and the SCH-1545 Galaxy S4 phone

Whew! Glad no one has those phones!

Now really, aren’t you glad you have a BlackBerry?




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