Are You Talking to Me? Or How to Respond the BlackBerry Way

Are you talking to me

So far here at UTBBlogs, we’ve covered the attempt by Blackphone to undermine the security credentials of security experts BlackBerry.  We have also highlighted BlackBerry’s response to the Blackphone article.  It seems however that BlackBerry’s tactics at response are so subtle and so clever, that the media felt the need to interpret for BlackBerry just in case Silent Circle, who make the infamous Blackphone, might have missed it.

In Case you missed it

In order to allow Silent Circle time to process this and ask what Robert De Niro asked in Taxi Driver, the Australian have helpfully interpreted the article for them.  Now while I am glad that BlackBerry have responded to the claims made by Silent Circle in the original article, the tone presented by BlackBerry in responding to this reminds me about something which has bothered me for a long time.  For a long while now, we have heard many in the community say that BlackBerry need to respond to the articles which slander them and for a long time, we here at UTB have taken it upon ourselves to fight fire with fire.  BlackBerry’s response however shows us that the way to maintain credibility in the industry and uphold dignity within the business world is to have a response which is clever, truthful and hits the target without giving any real airtime to those who began the slander in the first place.

In a world where direct retaliation has become the order of the day BlackBerry shows us that some of the greatest wisdom in the world may not come from inspired leaders, but characters such as superhero the Tick.  In the Tick live action series, two of the most fascinating responses that the Tick gives apply here.  At the end of the pilot episode, Apocalypse Cow arrives just outside the diner to attack the City.  The Tick tries to lure his sidekick into battle by crying ‘Fight fire with Arthur!’ BlackBerry rather than responding to the slander of Silent Circle stating that their encryption is no good, choose to give a lesson to everyone on encryption.  In an episode of the Tick where Arthur’s family attempt to have him committed because he has chosen to become a Superhero, the Tick sums up their relationship by saying ‘when society says ‘jump’, we say ‘pass the salt.” BlackBerry when being prompted to respond to Silent Circle’s claims instead don’t even bother directing a response to Silent Circle.  Instead they give a lesson on history, reliability and asking the right questions.  This a lesson which BlackBerry directs at everyone.

Source: Image by tmntfan05
Image by tmntfan05


BlackBerry is garnering respect for their approach to the media and I feel that it should teach us lessons on how we approach the lives we lead.  In the end, there is no great battle between BlackBerry and Blackphone for dominance.  BlackBerry are number one in security and until OEM’s decide that they want to licence BB10 on their phones, they always will be.


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