• G-bone

    Now, THAT’S an ad!


  • Ithinkthere4iam

    Let tingles down my spine.

  • ray689

    wow amazing promo. But I guess the more effective ones are hipster songs and only showing 3rd party apps while claiming your device can do so much.

    • Gnomesane

      Heh. And people in silhouette dancing their life away!

      Hard to believe I’m actually excited about an ‘Enterprise Event’. This is a first for me. Since I was never a big fan of lollipops, this more than makes up!

  • jrohland

    Don’t know who the target audience is. It looks like a Northrop Grumman type ad selling generals on the latest weapon system. I hope it is effective for whomever it is targeted at.

    • Gnomesane

      I doubt you’ll see it between acts on NBC, lol. I think we’ll see it air during the Enterprise Event on the 13th for sure. Definitely not a consumer play for marketing – there’s no young Asperger’s child sitting in a corner quietly documenting the family get together and saving the day and making us all want to cry.

      I think the main point is projecting confidence in the future (hence the outer space sci fi aspects), and it definitely worked for me.

  • Canuckvoip

    Great job, and with security working its way ever closer the front of the general populations mind, this is excellent.

  • scott-reid

    Now that’s how you do an ad!
    Sure it doesn’t seem like an ad for non-business consumers, but, this would inspire someone more than recent ads to get a BlackBerry. Well done BlackBerry.

  • Anthony

    Nice ad.

    At the beginning it talks about BES. Then it talks about power stations, airports, and hollywood cameras and that’s QNX.

    I guess the last part of the video is the evolution, BES12, designed with QNX, brings it all together, the era of IoT. locco_smiley_39