Are You Ready for a New Halloween?

“I prayed every night that he would escape.”

It’s a new trailer for an all new Halloween movie. But do we really need it? There’s been plenty of disappointing sequels and retellings already, and apparently it is time for another. This time Blumhouse is in control, and went back to the source, bringing in John Carpenter to consult.

Jamie Lee Curtis returns as Laurie Strode, as the survivor from the first movie, and as a mother of an adult daughter played by Judy Greer, and a grandmother to Andi Matichak’s character. Of course, Jamie Lee Curtis had returned in previous movies in the same role, but we are supposed to forget about those movies. In fact, this movie forgets about all the other movies in the series, except for the original movie, for which this will serve as the new sequel.

That sounds like a very odd strategy, but when previous movies were so, well… not good, it may just work out. This time around, Strode isn’t going to be a victim, which I think we might have seen before as well.

After watching the trailer, I’m definitely planning on watching the movie. This may not be the Halloween we want, but it may be the Halloween we need, to forget about all those other versions.


Source: Slashfilm


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