Are you pod people? Get the update to bPod



A few years ago I realized I needed more in my intellectual life. I decided philosophy podcasts were the ticket. I tried several BB10 podcast apps until I tired bPod. Then I was done. For me it has been reliable, with a clear UI and enough settings to give me what I want. Built for BlackBerry is the bonus I always look for. As to philosophy; I can recommend Stefan Molyneux, if you like to think.

bPod – Podcast Manager received a substantial update today:

New Features:

  • New Podcast search engine, categories and Top list data source and UI.
  • Download page shows the size and progress of the current download.
  • General UI improvements.

Bug fixes:

  • Long press on list items caused them, to become unselected.
  • Stream Wi-Fi-Only setting doesn’t turn off.
  • Override system settings won’t stick in some cases.
  • Playlist delete action has an ambiguous name.
  • Podcast channel descriptions showed garbage.
  • Podcast channel image won’t appear.



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