Are You A 1:1 BlackBerry Passport Picture Ratio Convert?


When the Passport was first rumoured I was the proud owner of a Z30 (which I still am, by the way, every so often I switch it on and it’s STILL a beauty). As I was cogitating as to whether to take the plunge with the Passport, one thing REALLY bothered me – even after I got it – would I be able to get on with having SQUARE photos?

After all, the rectangular phone and the 16:9 ratio was the standard, wasn’t it? How daft would my pictures look?

Well, the proof of the pudding struck home like the flan of truth as I watched the news the other night. Some disaster or other had occurred and the news outlet, as many do these days, had been sent pictures by the public from the scene. Only they were nearly always in PORTRAIT so the TV people had to put some fancy swimming graphics round the sides.

As I was watching I found myself wondering what the hell was to the sides of these portrait shots and how ridiculously narrow they looked. And they do, if I go back through my media card and look at my old Z30 pics now I’m left wondering where the rest of picture is. At the time I thought they were fine, now they just look incomplete.

By the way, for those of you with a Passport or Classic, look back on those photos now and you’ll see your device has magically resized them for your phone (just another little thing BlackBerry think of when no one is looking).

Nope, I have to admit, when the Passport was first mooted I wasn’t sold on the 1:1 ratio but now I’m completely hooked and can’t possibly imagine going back to the restrictions of 16:9 for my pictures, never mind web browsing (seriously, REALLY wouldn’t fancy going back to THAT!) or even messaging, there’d be something missing from the sides, I think it’s called detail, so I’d end up peering to see where it had gone.

Just look at this pathetic specimen and tell me which you’d prefer:



Old news, in an old case churning out old pictures.

What a waste of time.


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  • Having only got my Precious (Sorry…Passport!) today, I’ve yet to take any photos on it – but I’m sure I’ll adapt to 1:1 ratio photos easily enough! :)

  • Schmurf

    I’ve had the Z10 and Z30 as well. Like you I’m with the Passport (original, thank you very much). I can’t say that I have a preference either way. I have pictures in all sorts of formats: 1:1 from ancient colour slides, 5X7 from the days of film, 16:9 from my Z10 and Z30, and again 1:1 from my Palm devices and my first Blackberrys.

  • syedshaishad

    I’m user of many devices but confused

  • DearJohn

    I too choose the 16:9 ratio on my Passport when I switched from the Z30 – thinking it would look better for the scrapbooks, but now I’m a 1:1 guy.

    Besides, going through old pictures (mostly Polaroid) they were all 1:1 and looked cool – well to me they do.

    As pointed out, Passport can capture landscape 16:9 held horizontal or vertical without loosing image quality when reworked.

  • Robert

    I almost always use 4:3. Depending on the pic I’ll switch to 1:1.

  • Anthony

    I like the square screen. It’s not directional. locco_smiley_44

    Reading from Kindle, Kobo, Press Reader, etc is better on the wider screen. Viewing web page is better on the wider screen.

    I crop my pictures to whatever I need so I never saw the square screen as limiting for pictures. I’m looking forward to more picture and video editing features in 10.4.

    The native Panorama mode for pictures is consistently quite good. To get a 360 degree view for the panorama I “open in” the app “TurnMe Panorama” (Android port in BlackBerry World). locco_smiley_10

    • Anthony

      My comments are for the Passport. The Q5, Q10, and Classic have square screens but not the width like the Passport.

  • shanerredflag

    Yes sir…absolutely a convert, but I use a Classic (mostly) (and Passport sometimes) (and a SE very soon, (it’s shipped)) ….and we all know genetically…well, you know the rest … :)

  • I love the 1×1. I liked it on the Q10 and like it on the Classic. I do use my Z30 at times, and like the longer screen, but not for pictures; I like it for seeing more data when I open something like the HUB, or really any app. I LOVE the 1×1 for not having to worry about how I’m taking a picture or how the picture was taken when I’m looking at it. Everything else is great. Watching video is fine. 1×1 is simpler and more efficient. This is the epitome of BlackBerry.

  • bartron

    Since getting a Passport, I’m definitely a 1:1 convert. It’s better for everything except videos and landscape games, which make up a tiny percentage of what I use any smartphone for.

  • Rajashekar Sanga

    Is there a possibility of BlackBerry Passport Android in the making by TCL BlackBerry Mobile! ?

    • No. Unfortunately Android does not support 1:1 aspect ratio.

      • Rajashekar Sanga

        Does Android support 3:2?
        Hope they modify the OS.!
        If not possible, BlackBerry Passport should be changed to 4:3 aspect ratio.