Are These Images Of The Next BlackBerry Mobile Phone?

New pictures of what are to be considered the next BlackBerry Mobile device, code named the BlackBerry Athena, have appeared on Twitter . The Tweet by @Slashleaks shows renders of the Athena device, and it seems to look like an update to the KEYone. We know that the next device will come around June of this year and will be the next generation of the KEYone.

What we don’t know is the specs of the Athena. According to the pictures, its appears that the device will have two cameras, like most of new flagship devices in 2018, and the BlackBerry logo on the space bar key. In the renders we also see a whole new placement for the “alt keys” with numbers going across the top row instead of their normal placement. This device also seems to follow the Motion’s method of having the volume, power, and convenience key all along one side.

@Slashleaks is well known leaker, and its seems like this could be the real thing.

The Athena is similar to the Black Edition, and it will be great if that will be the chosen color for the device.

Well, you saw the pics what do you think about the renders ?

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