Are Android and iOS users using BBMC?


I recently discovered the in depth analytics on the BBMC web console (yes i know it’s been there forever) and took a look at the statistics for one of my channels ‘The Gif Exchange’. I was surprised to find Android users were more than double that of BBOS users, 485 to 230 even though BBOS users make up the bulk of total BBM users, so that is definitely a good sign BBMC is catching on.


iOS users remain low, mostly likely because of the issues that version has, whether it be notifications not working or messages not going through, it definitely needs work. As for where users are coming from? Canada made up the majority. Here are all the countries over 100+.

Canada 629
United States 302
Indonesia 189
South Africa 165
United Kingdom 156
Nigeria 133
Saudi Arabia 121
India 105

I am interested to see how Windows phone users respond to BBMC, perhaps that will increase the Finnish user base!  Check out my channel The Gif Exchange @ C001b7b16