Apple’s Toll Deemed too High for Facebook

Facebook has added some additional functionality in that it will support subscriptions from participating vendors. Sorry iPhone users, this new functionality will only available on Android and not iOS. Why? Because Apple, as usual, wants it’s piece of the pie, and Facebook doesn’t agree.

It would seem that Facebook wants to facilitate media companies in making some income for their efforts in bringing a product to the consumer. Apple wants a huge chunk of that money. Up to 30%! Instead of giving in to Apple, the social media giant has decided to exclude iOS from the added feature.


Facebook’s plan calls for users to sign up for subscriptions outside of its apps, on publishers’ individual web sites. Apple feels this falls under “in-app purchases” even though the consumer is redirected to the vendors site for the payments. Apple gets a percentage of all in-app purchases, which explains why they would want to consider these out-of-app purchases as in-app purchases.

Facebook will begin a release of the subscription tool for the Android platform in the next few weeks, they say it will work with publishers including the Washington Post, Hearst and Tronc.





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