Apple’s Spectre Patch May Slow iPhone’s to a Crawl

This could be worse for iPhone performance than having an old battery.

The recently discovered Spectre and Meldown vulnerabilities sent tech makers scrambling to patch their devices. Apple was no different, and rolled out their update to iOS last week. This patch may have a dramatic effect on iPhone performance.

Dutch security researcher Melvin Mughal has been performing benchmark tests both before and after installing the update on his phone, and he’s showing some surprising results. After installing iOS 11.2.2 on his iPhone 6 he witnessed a 41% decrease in performance in single-core tests, and a 39% decrease in multi-core tests.

We were originally warned that patching for Spectre and Meltdown may slow down systems. Soon after this initial news, word broke that the slowdown would be much less than originally thought. If Mughal’s results are typical, this will not bode well for iPhone users. Let’s hope that other OS’s don’t suffer a similar slowdown.


Source: Trusted Reviews


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