Apple’s Safari Browser Is Finally Number 1! …at something…


Apple is always proud to state when they’re in first place. But something tells me we won’t see one of their commercials about this. Although if they did, it would probably be their most popular commercials, at least among Apple users….

PornHub, the ever so popular pornography site (sorry for not linking to it folks) has released it’s usage numbers to the public. And surprise surprise, when Apple users go on Safari,  it’s not giraffes and lions they’re looking for.

PornHub claims to see 38 million visitors daily! If that doesn’t give you website envy, I don’t know what will. 73% of tablet use of the site comes from the Safari browser, which is only found on Apple products, followed the Chrome browser at 13.6% which can be found on multiple devices, including Apple devices. The default Android browser comes in at 7.8%, Kindle Browser at 4.8 percent, and our own BlackBerry browser comes in at .69%. I’m sure many of us are thinking the same thing here, and while it’s quite funny, let’s say those jokes in private.

Let’s look at smartphones! Apple is number one once again at 38.2%. Default Android at 29.4%, Chrome at 18%, and strangely no numbers for BlackBerry…. which leaves me wondering if that .69% up there meant PlayBook users or all BlackBerry? I’m unsure.

Now, Safari users can brag that they get much more use than Chrome users out of internet porn, and they can also claim, *ahem* stamina…. Safari users spend on average 10 minutes 23 seconds on site, while Chrome users spend 8 minutes 24 seconds. Yep, keep bragging about specs Androidians…. yeah, that matters.

If you find these stats as…. humorous as I do, feel free to click on the source below, which will tell you what categories users prefer to click on as well. Hint, Apple users must have bad backs.

And the next time an iPhone user tells us that they use their iPhone for business? Yeah, we know what business they’re talking about….




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  • Hilarious Brad! And yet you sidestepped some tricky, tempting tangents there.

    • Brad

      Just keeping it professional… uh huh… yeah… that’s the ticket.

  • Canuckvoip

    Hooray for Apull iPud…

    Or something…

  • emstardeluxe


  • RedFoxOne

    Haha.. am I the only one thinking the 10 minutes 23 seconds is because Safari sucks and is slow, and not because of stamina? Lol

  • Omnitech

    These stats are typically based on the “User-Agent” header passed to the web server by the browser. It’s not difficult to muck that up because there are hundreds of permutations of User-Agent that are used in various browsers.

    To make matters worse, because web designers often do stupid things with content unless the User-Agent is something they recognize, many web browsers try to avoid that by including text in that string that is common with other, more well-known browsers.

    And because the BB10 browser is actually based on Safari (well technically WebKit, which is Safari’s rendering engine), it might surprise you how it identifies itself to a website. Here it is, from OS

    “Mozilla/5.0 (BB10; Touch) AppleWebKit/537.35+ (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/ Mobile Safari/537.35+”

    So, it’s actually possible they counted BB10 browsers as Safari users. ;)

    • Brad

      So that must be why Safari is showing to have…. stamina.