Apple’s New Repair Program Addresses Touch Disease in iPhone X

Touch Disease can’t really be happening again can it?

My how things have changed. We first heard of Touch Disease affecting Apple iPhone 6 models back in 2016. Users suffered with touch screen phones that did not register touch. Experts blamed the problem on flex in the phone causing soldering on the circuit board to come loose. Apple blamed it on users, after months of ignoring the issue. In the end, after a few class action lawsuits, Apple agreed to fix the affected phones, for a price.

Now it appears the dreaded Touch Disease has occurred again, and in what might serve as testament to Apple’s declining dominance in the mobile realm, Apple is offering to fix it. Apple has announced a new repair program for two of it’s products.

First up, the iPhone X which has some users complaining of the same symptoms of touch disease. Is this due to the same issues that affected the iPhone 6? Or some other issue that is causing the same problems? I would hope that Apple would have learned their lesson and not leave users with the same defect, however the steady stream of exploding iPhones over the years does not inspire confidence.

The MacBook Pro, of the 14 inch non-Touch Bar variety is the second item included in the repair program. It seems the SSDs used in the laptops have been losing user’s date. That’s more than a small problem.

While it’s nice to see Apple finally offering to fix defects in their products without the need of judicial intervention, it would be nicer still to see Apple finally free themselves from defects of prior generations of devices.

Source: Ubergizmo


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