Apple’s New HomePod Video, What Did I Just Watch?

Apple has released a new HomePod video. Prepare to scratch your head.

So, I’m a little late to the party. The video was released three days ago, and from the looks of it, many Apple fan sites are very excited over the video. For me, someone that doesn’t even have a single toe dipped into the Apple ecosystem, I’m left with one question. What the Hell did I just watch?

The video clocks in at just over 4 minutes, and is apparently supposed to be an advertisement for the HomePod. The device makes an appearance for just under 2 seconds of the video. What the video actually does, is to serve as a dancing showcase. But hey, the video is made by Spike Jonze, so that lends instant credibility right? Not so much, as it appears they forgot to do some post production work.

Instead of looking at any abilities of the HomePod, the video focuses on the dancer’s “magical” manipulation of the world around her. I put the word “magical” in quotes, because in magic, you’re not supposed to see how they did it. In the video, as the world is stretched around her, there’s no attempt to hide the seems of the set pieces. In other words, there’s no feeling of “magic” for the viewer. Instead it’s a much more unfinished feeling. I would assume this is something that Sir Jony Ive is silently cringing over.

So, in just over 4 minutes, what does the advertisement show of the HomePod’s capabilities? Really nothing. It shows that it can play music, which is something all of it’s competitors does well. It also doesn’t mention that the HomePod will not play music from your favorite streaming sources. It completely ignores the fact that the device will only play music from the user’s iTunes purchases, iCloud Music Library, or Apple Music subscription. If you have that favorite Spotify or Pandora playlist that you’d like to dance and stretch your world to, you’re just out of luck. Out of luck unless you want to play that service through your iPhone and Apple AirPlay and lose the Siri functionality of the HomePod. Oh what a mess.

Strangely enough, there is something else missing which nearly every advertisement shouts loud and clear to it’s viewers. Price. Apple doesn’t exactly like to promote the price of the device, because there’s not much to brag about there. In case your wondering, the HomePod comes in at about 3 to 4 times the price of it’s much more capable competitors.

Perhaps you like to dance. Perhaps you live in an expandable home. Perhaps the HomePod is for you. Or perhaps you’re more of a normal type, and like me, miss the days when Apple had dancing silhouettes.

WTH is going on here?


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