Apple’s CarPlay… An Entry Level Device In A Mercedes? Why?

There… I said it… in my “out loud” voice. I have been wanting to say it for weeks, but didn’t quite have the right “vehicle” to deliver the statement… until now. Apple’s iOS, and the iPhone itself are an entry level OS/device combination. It’s just obvious now. It was good when it came out, but the strictly enforced and walled garden that is the Apple ecosystem is no longer good enough and BlackBerry has come a long way to move past it. Popularity be damned… McDonalds is popular… so what?

Why would you put an entry level device in a premium car?
Why would you put an entry level device in a premium car?

Doing some research last night I tripped over a Michelle Fitzsimmons article on Michelle goes hands on with Apple’s CarPlay in a swanky new 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class. You’d think that the mobile device so many users have been “sold” on as a “premium” device would enjoy (and deserve) a beautiful fit… like a fine leather glove… in a Mercedes. No… Click more for the fun bits…


The connection is sadly… wired, not wireless. It’s a 2015 car people!

“My demo involved an iPhone 5s standing up in a disc-shaped port near the cup holders, but Hamza Lakhani, a manager of embedded software at Mercedes-Benz Research and Development, said one day users will likely connect their iPhone via a Lightening cable coming from inside the car’s center console.”

Siri in the car… just sucks… Here’s Michelle’s take:

“A request to find coffee initiated a response of, “I couldn’t find a place called ‘Call me.'” This was just one of several potholes Siri found itself stepping in. Siri has a bad rap on the smartphone personal assistant streets, and since CarPlay essentially uses the Siri found in your iPhone, you can imagine it didn’t have any luck on a larger, car-size scale.”

That’s not “premium”. That’s not “best in class” (like Mercedes). Is it? No… moving on… How about interaction and usefulness Michelle?

“Calls, texts and the dreaded Maps I found CarPlay’s call and text capabilities to be fair, but there’s a lot of interaction and a little too much lag time to send a text.”

Well… then what’s the point? Driving a car is a serious task. You can’t be fiddling about with unresponsive pathetic apps on a 4 inch screen. And…

“We never hit the road with Maps, but with Siri’s inability to decipher vocal commands and Apple Maps’ shoddy reputation, I wouldn’t trust the system to get me where I needed to go, at least not to start.”

Yeah… Michelle… we hear you. iPhone is entry level. It’s not up to the task. Here’s a starter list of why. And Mercedes… What are you thinking? iPhone is not a secure device, has no additional storage, BT is limited, propriety connections, no file system, limited apps, and… you have to put up with Cupertino’s walled garden BS! Really?

Mercedes… please go have a chat with the nice folks at QNX. You already have it. CarPlay can’t live without it. Either build your own GUI on QNX, or let the superior BB10 be your in-car GUI.

Mercedes is not McDonalds.

Mercedes is better than this.

Source Few apps and a bumbling Siri don’t do CarPlay any favors

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