Apples Arrogance? Apple Pay? No WAY!


The Forbidden Fruit is looking a bit ragged

Apple has done it again! taken a good idea bastardized it, branded it as their own and ruined it for the rest of us.

NFC was (is) a really good idea, especially for paying for your gas right at the pump. It is not affected by weather. Now it looks more and more like QR codes and readers are the way of the future.

qrcode.25514947go ahead…try it!

All this came about because Apple got greedy again, now the retailers are shutting off the NFC readers. Read all about that here and here that ruins it for the people that have been using the tap and pay system that is quite common in Canada. Maybe not so much in the U.S.

Apple decided to make the NFC payment system their own, following in the footsteps of iTunes and this time they fell flat on their face. The proprietary nature of the way Apple does things is not sitting so well anymore, especially with those who could be putting those fees to work for them. In the case of the merchants they want to eliminate any middle-man altogether. Wise move, that middle-man has been robbing everyone blind, merchants and consumer. Here is another great read that will shed some light on what I’m going on about.

What I really hope happens is that the merchants will figure out how to utilize NFC without giving companies such as Apple the opportunity to horn in on profits by introducing more fees.

I am not going to get into a long monologue about NFC, its been discussed enough here. But I will say that its very convenient to use, more so than a QR code which isn’t always read well and I’m thinking will also never make an appearance on a gas pump.


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