Apple’s Answer to Charging While Listening Ill Conceived

When we first heard that Apple would be removing the headphone jack from the upcoming iPhone 7 and going with a single Lightning connector, there was one question we all asked. Apparently Apple never considered it.

The headphone jack is gone from the new iPhone. Leaving just one lone Lightning port for both connecting to wired headphones, and charging the device. Now, we all know that the iPhone is not known for a good battery life. Heck, they’re not even known for having a decent battery life. Honestly, it’s a downright horrible battery life. We all know iPhone users, and we all know that most of the iPhone’s day is connected to a charger.

Now say you went and bought an iPhone 7. I know you’re not. But just say that you did. Say that you do not want those odd looking AirPod appendages dangling from your ear canals. Say you prefer wired headphones. What happens when that battery begins breathing it’s last breaths and you need to attach the life giving umbilical to a power socket. Well, you can’t have those shiny new Lightning connected wired headphones and a power plug attached to the single port of the iPhone now can you?

This is the question which a 9to5Mac reader posed to Phil Schiller in an email. Schiller is senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Apple. Surely he would have an answer for the worried users? Oddly enough, Schiller quickly responded to the email. Did he have an answer? He did. And true to Apple form, the answer is to buy another Apple product. Schiller’s response read,

“I like to listen on my AirPods while my iPhone 7 Plus is charging because I am free to move around. However, if you would like to listen to wired headphones while charging an iPhone 7 it is possible to do that as well. The Apple Lightning Dock includes a headphone jack for using wired headphones or speakers while charging. I hope that helps.”

The Apple Lightning Dock is a $50 Apple accessory, which strangely enough is not showing on the Apple store at the moment. Instead, there is a page informing users to check back soon.

There is a slight problem with Schiller’s answer though. You see, Apple has “courageously” left behind the headphone jack. Why, that’s old tech, who needs it right? The Lightning port will provide much better quality, and users really should toss whatever headphones they have and upgrade to a new Apple made or licensed set of headphones. Well, perhaps they shouldn’t toss them too soon. Because the Apple Lightning Dock does not have a port for the new Lightning headphones. Instead, they have the standard headphone jack

Did Schiller really just suggest an Apple product with a headphone jack to make up for the lack of a headphone jack the day after Apple made such a big show of getting rid of the headphone jack? Why yes. Yes he did.




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