Apple Watch Delays Based on Defective Parts?


Apple has done it again. They have released yet another product that has sold out initial stock and now people are waiting for it. It should really be no surprise at this point. It happens with every iPhone they release.

It’s become part of their marketing.

Each time a new iPhone is released, and sells out, it makes it to the news. Even those of us that have no interest in anything Apple, are inundated with the news. We can’t get away from hearing that yet another iPhone. And by simply under-producing, or under-distributing an iPhone, Apple gets world wide free press.

The skeptic in me thinks this is on purpose. Don’t you?

The Apple Watch appeared to be a different kind of monster this time. Prior to release, it looked like we wouldn’t see another successful sale out of this device. The watch had a lukewarm response from critics at best. And Apple’s own treatment of the device appeared to be a way to hide that there wouldn’t be a sellout.

But my initial thoughts were wrong. It did sell out. And many people that pre-ordered the device are still waiting.

But today we learned that there’s a little more to the story. The Wall Street Journal reported that there was an issue with a component. Specifically the “Taptic Engine”, yet another piece of old tech which Apple ‘invented’. Remember Haptic Feedback? Yeah. Nothing new with Apple’s Taptic Engine. Except that the ‘engine’ that was installed they were using, manufactured by Chinese manufacturer AAC Technologies has proved to be defective. Over time (see what I did there?) the engine wears out. Apple has changed suppliers and it has slowed down the fulfillment of orders.

Which leaves me with two thoughts that I don’t think is much of a stretch. Number one, the fact that people are still waiting for their pre-ordered Apple Watches isn’t indicative of the actual market demand. And two, those ‘lucky’ individuals that received their watches first, may find it extremely hard to have heartbeats shared with them…over time of course.

One thing is for certain, we won’t know for sure. Analysts will make predictions as to what has and will be sold, but these are the same analysts that have been telling us BlackBerry would be gone within a year, for the last two years. And Apple won’t be breaking down the sales numbers in their quarterly reports.

So how will we judge? I’ll be judging by how many I see ‘in the wild’, and so far, I haven’t seen a one.

Source: Cnet


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  • nnik

    The bullshit surrounding the sales of these devices has become part of the attraction….kinda like the drunken, abusive, drug addicted starlet that couldn’t act in the first place…

  • razrrob

    Once again Apple places profits ahead of quality control….

  • web99

    Great article Brad,

    It just goes to show you that Apple’s statement “It just works” no longer seems to apply to their products. In terms of quality and defects they are no better than other companies out there selling similar products.

    It is just baffling that their customers are going to pay a premium price for the Apple Watch when they can get similar devices with more functionality and a better battery life for a much lower cost.