Apple Watch Bites…off More than it can Chew


According to Daily Tech, Apple won’t be including some of the features it had originally planned for the Apple Watch. Apparently it was having issues getting reliable signals from sensors designed to measure blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, and stress, among other things. It turned out to be unreliable in testing, especially for those with a lot of arm hair or who sweat profusely – good thing UTB Brad isn’t buying one!

Personally, this news isn’t surprising. Apple is better known for refining existing technology than for truly innovating. Currently there aren’t any specialized “fitness” wearables that do a great job at measuring some of these things. Even pulse tracking using light (which Apple Watch will have) is in its infancy in wearable devices and frankly doesn’t work all that well at higher heart rates, which is when you’d actually want to track it. Any bets on whether Apple will release the watch at a lower price than it had originally planned due to this downgrade of features?